WeForming project meeting in Karlsruhe: a step towards collaborative innovation

In the beautiful city of Karlsruhe, the WeForming project team gathered for an impactful two-day meeting that set a new practice for collaboration and innovation within the energy sector. The event was thoroughly planned and hosted by our dedicated colleagues in Karlsruhe, and brought together around 20 participants from various demo sites across Europe. The focus was to foster a deeper understanding among the project partners, explore the potentials and challenges of each demo site, and lay a solid foundation for the measurement and evaluation plan as outlined in Work Package 5 of the WeForming project.

Building bridges and sharing visions

The meeting kicked off with an introduction session, where participants shared brief overviews about themselves, so now most of demo partners know each other by name, creating a very friendly atmosphere in the project playground.


This was followed by in-depth presentations from each demo site team. These presentations provided comprehensive insights into the goals, current status, and envisioned outcomes of the various demos involved in the project. Through engaging visuals and narratives, each team highlighted their progress since the project’s kick-off, sharing both achievements and challenges encountered along the way. The presentations not only served to inform but also to inspire, showcasing the diverse approaches and innovative solutions being defined and overseen across Europe to enhance energy efficiency and integration in the next steps of the project.

Deep dives and collaborative planning

Moving forward in the event, the partners focused on more detailed discussions and workshop sessions. They were separated in teams and each team prepared notes on specific topics, including identified use cases responding to: Who are use case stakeholders? What is their purpose? Which results they will provide? And what are the major KPIs met by these use cases?


Also, the partners explored demos contributions to the project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These notes formed the basis for constructive discussions on the technical implementation of the demos, potential roadblocks, and strategies for overcoming them.

Outcomes and next steps

The discussions and working sessions have paved the way for more integrated and effective implementation of the demo sites, with a clear focus on achieving the project’s KPIs. Finally, the spirit of collaboration fostered in Karlsruhe will undoubtedly be a key factor in the success of the WeForming project.

"I believe Karlsruhe event has reached to its objectives of enhancing collaboration and deepening understanding among the project partners as well as orchestrating our visions to the iGFB use cases and overall WeForming KPIs."
Mojtaba Kamarlouei
Co-founder and CTO of Builtrix, one of the partners of the Portuguese demo



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