In this opinion article, Konstantinos Kotsalos and Stratis Kanarachos from EUROPEAN DYNAMICS explore the integration of smart interoperable buildings to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability.
The WeForming consortium, a pioneering EU project aimed at revolutionising energy management and promoting smart city concepts, held its first Plenary Meeting in Zagreb.
WeForming's project coordinator, Konstantinos Kotsalos from EUROPEAN DYNAMICS, attended the BRIDGE General Assembly on 9-10 April 2024.
WeForming’s technical partners and demo owners gathered in Karlsruhe in February 2024 for a dynamic two-day meeting hosted by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
WeForming is a new EU-funded project that aims to pave the way for buildings as dynamic energy contributors, putting them at the forefront of Europe’s decarbonization journey.

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