Energy hub

The WeForming Energy Hub
is a space for co-creation and knowledge sharing that serves as a dynamic forum for stakeholders across the EU. 

By actively involving innovators from various sectors, including demand response, smart appliances, and energy providers, this group aims to foster the development of innovative concepts, policy recommendations, and design pathways. 

Through online workshops, discussions, and virtual meetings, stakeholders can contribute to refining the WeForming project’s value proposition and shaping its strategic priorities.


Influence policy decisions and strategic initiatives at the EU level, positioning participants at the forefront of smart cities development

Facilitating the integration
of innovative building solutions and business models shaping the future of sustainable urban development

Access to a centralized platform
with valuable resources and information, as well as knowledge sharing and capacity building sessions


WeForming offers a pivotal role in shaping the future energy landscape that enhances grid operations and flexibility.

As regulated entities that are tasked with managing and operating the distribution networks, DSOs are definitely among front-tier interested actors in WeForming co-creation activities. We want to co-create policy recommendations and would love to know your perspective.

WeForming provides a platform to stay at the forefront of advancements in equipment efficiency, production processes, and maintenance practices.

By actively engaging in WeForming, OEMs and O&M Providers can position themselves as leaders in the new business models.

WeForming provides a platform to optimise equipment for diverse needs, and expand service offerings. 

ESPs can play a pivotal role in improving energy planning capability of balancing out demand and offer, ultimately contributing to a more resilient and efficient energy ecosystem.

WeForming enables new energy monitoring and profiling services by leveraging iGFBs for energy consumption data collection. 

Stakeholders can tailor advice services based on individual or business consumers’ specific needs and preferences learned from workshops, ultimately creating new business models. Additionally, participation enables the absorption of excess power from other grid members, contributing to efficient grid management.

WeForming optimises energy usage, leading to significant energy savings and increased building sustainability. 

It also equips building owners and managers with procedures to evaluate the effects and outcomes of various scenarios or investments on the building’s energy ecosystem, empowering them to make informed decisions for long-term sustainability and efficiency.

WeForming lays the foundations for the Smart Cities of the future in terms of energy management. 

Being part of the WeForming stakeholder network offers the chance for vertical applications owners to integrate their systems into an optimized smart grid contributing to the future of Smart Cities by being at the forefront of the change.

WeForming empowers energy consumers by providing them with fair non-discriminatory access to consumption data easily and transparently, leading to energy bill reduction, and supply improvement as well as the potential for positive impacts on energy poverty, supply security, power quality, and sustainability.

WeForming provides an opportunity to monitor and mitigate risks related to market failures in iGFBs and building-to-grid integration technologies. 

The network also offers valuable real-life insights into new business models, building energy needs, and end-user acceptance, contributing to informed decision-making for the development and adaptation of regulations in response to emerging trends.



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