WeForming attended BRIDGE General Assembly 2024

The 2024 Bridge General Assembly on 9-10 April invited its Working Group representatives and members to meet and outline priorities for the coming year.


This event featured plenary and parallel sessions, bringing together BRIDGE projects and stakeholders across the energy landscape. Key areas of discussion included:


  • Electricity grids
  • Decarbonization
  • Energy storage
  • Market design
  • Digitalisation
  • Consumers/prosumers
  • System integration

Konstantinos Kotsalos from EUROPEAN DYNAMICS, WeForming’s coordinator, presented the project in a dedicated networking area for new projects. Additionally, he took part in the Data Management Working Group session, focusing on this year’s progress towards the development of a European energy data exchange reference architecture.


The 2-day event offered a valuable chance to connect with fellow BRIDGE projects and explore what they are working on, as well as engage with stakeholders from the energy sector, contributing to the European smart energy transition.



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